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Here are some common questions about using digital learning tools and business simulations

What is a good digital tool for distance and remote learning?

Simulations are a brilliant digital tool to use within the learning environment, and have a positive impact on learning outcomes. They allow your students to encounter real life business situations and apply their knowledge practically. 

In current times there is decreasing interaction between teachers and students. During the ongoing Corona crisis there is an increasing shutdown of schools. Therefore digital tools for education such as simulations work wonders. 

In a recent study, a gamified mobile app increased retention rate of university students by 12.23%. This is in line with Edgar Dale’s cone of experience, where doing the actions in a life-like environment are best after teaching itself

Business and marketing students require these hands-on, practical learning experiences to develop business acumen and understanding. 

Hubro Business Simulations will fit into your curriculum and classroom needs. Click here to read more about what we offer.

Teachers can assess students' understanding and progress within the simulation. Students can work together or individually, progressing through the game at a pace set by the teacher.

What is a business simulation?

A business simulation is a simulation based learning game used for training or educational purposes. 

With a business simulation you will run a virtual business risk-free in a realistic environment based on the relevant syllabus. 

The learning objectives for a business simulation cover decision making, problem solving, financial analysis, strategic thinking, market analysis, operations, leadership and teamwork.

With the Hubro Business Simulation you can cover these objectives and let your students see how business decisions and numbers fit together.

Why use business simulations in education?

Business simulations are the ultimate way to tie theory and practice together.

They boost student engagement, enhance player interest in the management field and improve learning experiences and outcomes.

Business simulations help students develop numerous skills such as problem solving, decision-making, teamwork, working under pressure and adapting to new situations. 

Recent findings reveal that students perceive that they are competent and have autonomy when playing business simulation games. This can have a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and behavioural engagement. 

This can all be achieved by our award-winning online business simulation game.

Can I use Hubro Business Simulations for distance and remote learning programmes?

Yes. All the benefits of using business simulations can be transferred from a classroom to a distance learning environment.

Educational simulations are an ideal way to keep your students engaged in course content, up to date with the syllabus and testing them with assessments. 

When students work together using Hubro Business Simulations in distance learning, we recommend using video conferencing apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

The students can use the business simulation at a pace that you as an instructor has set when working individually.

Hubro Business Simulations can also be used for remote learning settings. Teachers can set up the simulation that can be used by students individually. 

Communication here can also be done through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any appropriate communications platform.

Who can use the Hubro Business Simulations?

Universities, schools and corporations on five continents have already used our business, marketing and finance simulations. 

The simulations are targeted towards prominent curriculums, including but not limited to the GCSE covering O and A Levels, IB and IB Diploma, and BTEC.

They are primarily for international schools that support secondary level and high school students, and international universities.

They can be used in a wide array of courses, like general business management, managerial and financial accounting, finance, operations and microeconomics.

Does Hubro only have business simulations?

No. Hubro also has Marketing and Finance simulations.

Can I use Hubro Business Simulations for my course?

Hubro’s simulations cover courses in general business management, managerial accounting, financial accounting, finance, operations and microeconomics.

If your course does not match any of these, you can get in touch with us to discuss the applicability of our simulations to your course.

Is there a free demo for the Hubro Business Simulations?

Yes, you can book a free trial meeting to see how it works here.

A free trial is not limited to business simulations. We can also arrange a free trail with you for our marketing and finance simulations.

How long do the Hubro Business Simulations last?

You have the privilege to choose. You adapt the simulation to your requirements and set limitations based on your preferences. The potential is unlimited.

It can take anywhere between 3 and 30 hours to complete. It depends on the amount of content and exercises you want to integrate. 

One simulation can have 8-16 rounds (we call them quarters). It depends on the amount of content and exercises you want to integrate.

How many students can enroll for the Hubro Business Simulations?

You can register as many students as you want, whether it is 10 or a 1000 students. You will do this when creating your license with us.

In case of a 1000 students, do let us know in advance wink

How do I evaluate and assess my students’ progress throughout the Hubro Business Simulations?

You can add exercises, cases and events to align the simulation with your learning goals.

Tools for assessments like multiple-choice and open-ended questions can be incorporated into the simulation game.

The simulation also allows you to have an overview of the progress that students are making and you can therefore provide continuous feedback.

How do I prepare myself and my students to use Hubro Business Simulations?

You can book a free trial meeting to see how it works

You would test the simulation yourself and plan a simulation training with the Hubro team, which will only take a couple of hours. 

However, if there is a test simulation with students, you can do it in no more than 20 minutes.

Do I need to be good with technology to use Hubro Business Simulations?

We have put a lot of attention into ease of use and we will be with you every step of the way. 

As one customer put it 

“It is not hard for me to use and allows me to use the time to discuss the subject with students, and not waste time with understanding the technology.”

The simulation requires no installation. It is designed to work on multiple devices and supports all top browsers.

What support is available to me and my students to get familiar with the use of Hubro Business Simulations?

You can always reach out to us via email and phone. Or you can book a free trial meeting to see how it works.

There is an online Hubro academy coming soon that will aid you in understanding how the simulations work.

We believe that a great design and training means you will not need support in most cases. But in case you do, we would be happy to support you every step of the way.

What impact are Hubro Business Simulations having as an educational resource?

The Norwegian government issued a white paper in 2016. It asserts that traditional forms of assessment are still used more than active learning methods.

It further states that “teaching, tutoring and assessment are amongst the areas attracting the lowest scores from students in the student barometer survey.” (p.20)

According to the Government’s Ministry of Education and Research “all students should experience stimulating and varied learning and assessment methods that exploit digital opportunities.” (p.21)

The white paper builds on science which highlights that active forms of learning for students are well suited to promote engagement, reflection and learning. 

We believe that Hubro is making a significant impact towards achieving the goal that the government has set out.

Through Hubro Business Simulations, we are increasing interaction between teachers and students, stimulating the students’ interest and hence improving their performance.

What do Hubro’s customers say about Hubro Business Simulations?

Only good things smiley We have two testimonials here, one from a teacher’s perspective and one from that of a student. You can find more here.

“The simulation helps me do so many of the things I strive for as a teacher: to motivate and inspire, vary, concretize, activate and collaborate.”

                    by Siri, a Marketing teacher at Kristiansand Cathedral secondary school

“The simulation gave me hands-on experience that I couldn’t have gotten in any other way so early in my career.”

                    by a student at Jönköping International Business School

What will my students learn through the Hubro Business Simulations?

The simulations give your students a bird’s-eye view of a company, while also letting them practice specific business skills. 

You have the option of incorporating course content within the simulation games. This way the students will retain information by practically applying their knowledge. 

Students can compete with each other individually or in groups. They learn necessary skills like problem solving, decision making and teamwork.

In Hubro Business Simulation, students learn concepts like budgeting, accounting and strategy.

In Hubro Marketing Simulation, students learn concepts like targeting, segmentation and marketing mix.

In Hubro Finance Simulation, students learn concepts like valuation, investments and cash flow management.

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