Hubro Finance
  • 4-12 hours duration with flexible scheduling
  • Short setup time
  • Unlimited participants in one simulation
  • 1-3 participants per team
  • B2C manufacturing case
  • Available in English, Norwegian and Swedish
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Hubro Finance Simulation

Hubro Finance Simulation helps your students see how decisions in investments and finance impacts the company as a whole. It is an online simulation game for courses like in corporate finance and financial management.

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What do the students do?

Your students will run virtual production companies, where they manage the companies’ finances, production, sales, investments, pay dividends and more. They can play in teams or alone, and can compete against each other or with bots.

Available languages:
  • Norwegian Flag
  • Swedish Flag
  • UK Flag
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What do students learn about?

Hubro Finance gives your students a bird’s-eye view of a company, while also letting them practice specific business skills. It is ideal for courses in corporate finance and financial management.

Investments icon

What is the potential upside for investing in this new product or new production facility?

Capital icon
Capital structuring

What mix of equity and debt should we use to fund our investments and operations?

Valuation icon

Use financial statements to find the right price of your company using multiples, discounted cash flows, or other methods.

Dividend icon
Dividend strategy

How will paying dividends affect how the market values your company?

Risk assessment icon
Risk assessment

If all goes south, can we still fulfill the commitments in our investments?

Cash flow icon
Cash flow management

Do we have the liquidity to fulfill our commitments, now and in the future?

What does it look like?

Stock report screenshot
Manage dividends and increase the value of the company
Market analysis screenshot
Analyze the market trends and find profitable opportunities
Simulation home screenshot
Get immediate feedback on decisions, and the status of your company
Budgeting screenshot
Review budgets and estimate future financing needs
Market estimation screenshot
Estimate market conditions and adapt the market strategy

Technical requirements

Checkmark iconNo installation required

The simulation requires only an internet connection and a modern web browser.

Checkmark iconMultiple devices

The simulation is designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.

Checkmark iconSupported browsers
  • Crome browser icon
  • Firefox browser icon
  • Safari browser icon

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