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New! Hubro Sustainable Business simulation

Profit, people and planet - today’s businesses have to take care of all three. In this business simulation your students have to balance financial sustainability with environmental and social responsibility.

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Hubro Sustainable Business
  • B2B manufacturing business case
  • Performance based on financial and ESG metrics
  • 5-12 hours duration with flexible scheduling
  • 1-6 participants per team
  • Unlimited participants in one simulation
  • Short setup time
  • Suitable for many different courses

A sustainability simulation that fits your course

Sustainability is not a siloed discipline - it impacts all business disciplines. The Sustainable Business simulation can add engagement and plenty of a-ha moments for many different courses including:

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Sustainable Business

Based on Hubro Business

Suitable courses

  • Management Accounting
  • Intro to Business
  • Specialized Sustainable Business courses

Sustainability impacts

  • Customers
  • Interest rates on debt
  • Carbon tax (optional)
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Sustainable Finance

Based on Hubro Finance

Suitable courses

  • Corporate Finance
  • Intro to Finance
  • Specialized Sustainable Finance courses

Sustainability impacts

  • Customers
  • Valuation from investors
  • Interest rates on debt
  • Carbon tax (optional)

Don’t see your course here? No problem, the simulation is designed to fit your course, not the other way around.

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Bringing sustainability to the students

The impact of climate change is rapidly becoming more visible and tangible worldwide. We are also seeing its effects more and more clearly in the economy as climate risks translate into financial losses. (..) I hope it is obvious why sustainability is key in business education and in business simulations.

- Coen van Hout, Academiemanager at HAN University

Core themes in the Sustainable Business simulation

The Hubro Sustainable Business simulation will give your learners an engaging learning experience that shows how sustainability intersects with financials, strategy and operations.

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Strategic decision making

Learners have to make strategic decisions that balance financial and environmental sustainability. Should they invest in new product lines, cost-cutting, or cutting emissions? Should they build their own factories or outsource production? These are just some of the decisions they will face.

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Environmental sustainability

The learners’ businesses have huge carbon footprints, but the market is pressuring them to reduce their emissions. Becoming a sustainable manufacturer is both a challenge, and an opportunity to gain competitive advantages.

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Social responsibility

The businesses have many stakeholders, including employees and the community surrounding the company. The learners will encounter situations and even scandals concerning diversity and equality, the work environment, harassment, and transparency that will impact their performance.

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Financial sustainability

Blindly making environment-friendly decisions will not lead to success in the simulation. To make their businesses financially sustainable, the learners must make a profit, maintain a healthy cash flow, and take a position in the growing markets.

Making sustainability part of business education


Business leaders today need to think about profit, planet and people simultaneously. In Hubro’s Sustainable Business simulation, learners are challenged to take on this responsibility whilst considering the many different stakeholders.

Each stakeholder either impacts or is impacted by how the business acts. Customers expect sustainable products. Investors factor in climate risk using an ESG index. The government may introduce carbon taxation and governance requirements. Employees and society as a whole expect businesses to behave responsibly and ethically.

To lead their businesses to success, the learners must balance the requirements of all these stakeholders. Short-sighted focus on profit won’t cut it, and neither will blindly making “green” investments. The truly sustainable businesses are both financially and environmentally sustainable.

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Technical requirements

Checkmark iconNo installation required

The simulation requires only an internet connection and a modern web browser.

Checkmark iconMultiple devices

The simulation is designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.

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