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Give your students a deeper understanding of your business course with Hubro’s simulation games. It’s fun, easy to use, and we can help you make it a natural part of your course.
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Our Simulations
Choose the simulation that best suits your course, or contact us to find a good fit.

Why use our simulations
Fun and Engaging!
Turn a theoretical subject into a practical one, and see the effects this has on motivation. We have seen the most demotivated students turn around and win the class-wide competition, due to the nature of our simulations.
Intense discussions
When students take control of their virtual companies, the theories they have learned in class take on a new meaning. You will start getting in depth questions about how the various aspects of a business works, because they care about doing well in the simulation.
Collaboration and Competition
In groups of 1 - 5, participants run their own companies in a simulated world. The groups are placed in parallell universes where they directly compete against a small number of other groups, and all compete to get the top spot in the class-wide high score.
Integrated Exercises
In addition to the base simulation where students run their companies, we also provide custom exercises highlighting specific topics relevant to your course, where the student-run companies are the examples. The exercises are solved within the simulation, and groups are awarded for correct answers with cash injections to their companies.
Flexible and Scalable
Our simulations are used by tiny classes of 5 students, up to large courses in universities with more than 1 000 students. You can play for half a day in an intensive session, or over the course of multiple weeks.
Easy to use
You should not have to waste time learning the program, when you could be teaching instead. That's why we work hard on making our products as easy to use as possible, and provide all necessary material to get you up to speed quickly, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Best of all, it all runs in your browser!
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