Learning by doing made easy with business simulations

Simulations are the ultimate way to tie theory and practice together. Boost student engagement and learning outcomes by letting them run virtual companies in our award-winning online business simulation game.

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We won the chair's choice award at the International Business Learning Game Competition
We won the Comenius-EduMedia-Award for digital education media
We won the bronze award for Best Learning Game at the Learning Technologies Awards event

How we can meet your educational needs

Create great learning experiences

A modern business simulation platform that meets the high expectations of students at all levels. They can be used in a classroom setting, or for remote learning.

Fits your course

Our simulations can be adapted to your needs, whether you have 10 or 1000 students, and want to spend 3 or 30 hours. Add exercises, cases and events to align the simulation with your learning goals.

Easy to use

Our intuitive design and in-game tutorials removes questions like “where do I click” and helps the player ask questions like “how do I solve this problem?” For educators, it takes less than a day to get ready to use the simulation.

Tools for educators

Educators get an arsenal of tools to help their students learn. You can assess student performance, see which students are struggling, grab their attention with the click of a button, and much more.

Trusted by educators everywhere

Universities, schools and corporations on five continents have used our simulations to give learners practical experience both in the classroom and in remote learning environments

«I believe my students have gained much from Hubro and that this experience will remain with them long after they'll finish their studies. I highly recommend it.»

Image of Kalanit Efrat
Kalanit Efrat
Marketing lecturer
Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

«Hubro has improved the students’ understanding of the complexities of marketing a great deal. The average grade in the course has increased by an entire grade after we started using Hubro.»

Image of Line Kristoffersen
Line Kristoffersen
Professor of marketing
Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

«I’m not using games because it’s fun. It has to be because it gets results and that they actually learn something, and they do!»

Image of Birthe Fennefoss
Birthe Fennefoss
Business Teacher
Kristiansand Cathedral School

Our Online Business Simulations

Choose one of our business simulation games, and set it up to fit your course’s schedule and learning goals.

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Business Simulation

Run a production company in a group, in direct competition with other students. Manage production, investments, pricing and financing of a virtual company to get hands on experience.


  • Introduction to business
  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting

Learning goals

  • Decision making
  • Product calculations
  • Accounting and budgeting
  • Investments
  • Much more
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Marketing Simulation

Analyze the market segments, develop your marketing mix and create a product that fits customer needs. Compete directly with other companies to grab the attention of the customers.


  • Principles of marketing
  • Marketing management
  • Marketing strategy

Learning goals

  • Segmentation
  • Marketing mix
  • Market strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Much more
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Finance Simulation

Find the best way to finance company investments, make impactful, long term decisions and develp the most valuable company while creating value for your shareholders.


  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management
  • Valuation

Learning goals

  • Investments
  • Valuations
  • Financing
  • Capital structure
  • Much more

Upcoming events and activities

We host webinars, competitions and other events throughout the year, to engage both students and educators.


A global business simulation competition for highschool students.

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A conference for educators in business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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