Hubro Marketing
  • 4-12 hours duration with flexible scheduling
  • Short setup time
  • Unlimited participants in one simulation
  • 1-3 participants per team
  • B2C manufacturing case
  • Available in English, Norwegian and Swedish
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Hubro Marketing Simulation

Hubro Marketing Simulation lets your students experiment with how marketing decisions impact its position in the market. It is an online simulation game for courses like principles of marketing, marketing management, marketing strategy and even entrepreneurship.

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What do the students do?

Your students will run virtual production companies, where they will analyse the market, design products, manage promotion and distribution, set prices, invest in technologies to get competitive advantages, and more. They can play in teams or alone, and can compete against each other or with bots.

Available languages:
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Students playing Hubro Marketing simulation

What an incredibly well-made simulation. Super engaging, I kept working with it long after class ended.

Student at Norwegian School of Economics
Norwegian School of Economics

This was the most fun thing anyone could have put given us this semester! I loved the competition and the energy in the class. I learned a lot of the basic words and fundamentals thanks to Hubro

Student at Jönköping University
Jönköping University

This was a fun and very educational experience that gave us a sense of “the big picture” in business studies. It was great to be able to work with so many different concepts throughout the simulation, it felt very realistic.

One of our students
Gävle University College, Sweden

What do students learn about?

Hubro Marketing gives your students a bird’s-eye view of a company, while also letting them practice specific marketing skills. It can be used in a wide array of courses, like principles of marketing, marketing management, marketing strategy and even entrepreneurship

Segmentation icon

What is a market segment? In what ways can we segment a market? How do we use this information in our decision making?

Market research icon
Market research

Can we get a competitive advantage by learning more about the market or discovering a new segment?

Targeting icon

Which segment(s) should we target in our marketing?

Marketing mix icon
Marketing mix

How do we reach our target segment(s) with products, promotion, distribution and pricing?

Pricing strategy icon
Pricing strategy

What’s the right way to price our products? Cost plus margin? Value-based pricing? Skimming the market?

Market strategy icon
Market strategy

What kind of marketing strategy should we have? Should we for instance be a cost leader or a focused differentiator? And how should we respond to the competitive situation?

Market planning icon
Market planning

What does the market look like if we analyse it with for instance PESTEL or SWOT? What should our market goals be, and what plan of action will take us to our goals?

Sustainability icon
Sustainability and ethics

What should a company do when faced with difficult situations, where what’s right and what’s profitable are not the same?

What does it look like?

Market analysis screenshot
Analyze market segments and use this information to make decisions
Simulation home screenshot
Get immediate feedback on decisions, and the status of your company
Product development screenshot
Create a unique product tailored to the target segment
Market research screenshot
Do market research to get more data, or discover additional segments
Employees screenshot
Hire the right people to market, sell and develop products

Get inspired - see how other educators use Hubro Marketing

No two courses are exactly the same, so we’ve made it easy to make your own unique setups for Hubro Marketing. Customize the simulation with content, activities and configurations to make it a great fit for your schedule and syllabus.

Technical requirements

Checkmark iconNo installation required

The simulation requires only an internet connection and a modern web browser.

Checkmark iconMultiple devices

The simulation is designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.

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