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What do the students do?

Your students will run virtual production companies, where they manage the companies’ finances, production, sales, investments and more. They can play in teams or alone, and can compete against each other or against computers.

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Happy student playing Hubro Business Simulation

The simulation gave me hands-on experience that I couldn’t have gotten in any other way so early in my career.

Daniel Jedmo
Daniel Jedmo
Student at Jönköping International Business School

This was the best learning activity we’ve done, the highlight of this school year.

One of our students
Lillestrøm High School

Exciting and very helpful helpful, especially for students with no prior business experience. Hubro Business helped us see how we can apply our business skills.

One of our students
University of Stavanger

What do students learn about?

Hubro Business gives your students a bird’s-eye view of a company, while also letting them practice specific business skills. It can be used in a wide array of courses, like general business management, managerial accounting, financial accounting, finance, operations and microeconomics.

Budgeting icon

Have the students put numbers to their plans by budgeting for their decisions. You can also have them compare their accounting with their budgeting to learn from their deviations.

Decision icon
Decision making

An executive’s main task is to make sound decisions. Your students will have to make many decisions, like whether to rent or buy their production lines.

Product calc icon
Product calculations

What volume of products should your students produce, given the costs and the market demand? What prices should they accept when selling in the market?

Product mix icon
Product mix

Students can produce several product lines, which all have different costs and market potentials. What mix of products will yield the highest profitability?

Investment icon
Investment analysis

Should we invest in a new factory? Which new product line should we invest in? Should we invest in research to cut production costs?

Cash flow icon
Cash flow

Your students will need to keep a careful eye on their cash holdings. They can withhold profits or apply for loans, or they’ll get expensive credit if they run out of money.

Accounting icon

The simulation can automatically set up P&L statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, or you can turn it off and have the students do the bookkeeping themselves.

Strategy Icon

Connect the dots between different disciplines like accounting, operations, finance and strategy. How are the finances of a skimming-the-market strategy compared to a cost leader strategy?

What does it look like?

Simulation home screenshot
Get immediate feedback on decisions, and the status of your company
Market analysis screenshot
Analyze the market trends and find profitable opportunities
Factory screenshot
Control individual factories to optimize production costs
Production screenshot
Manage factories and scale production according to sales estimates
Contract screenshot
Sell products in the market while competing for customers

Get inspired - see how other educators use Hubro Business

No two courses are exactly the same, so we’ve made it easy to make your own unique setups for Hubro Business. Customize the simulation with content, activities and configurations to make it a great fit for your schedule and syllabus.

Technical requirements

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The simulation requires only an internet connection and a modern web browser.

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The simulation is designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.

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