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Congratulations to St Olav Vgs and KVS Lyngdal from Norway for winning the 5th round of Hubro Championship, our global business simulation competition. Both schools now have one team in the final, which will take place in March. 

We talked to the finalists from St Olav and KVS Lyngdal after the round. They gave us insights into how they made their way to the final, and how they enjoyed their learning experience with our online business simulation competition.


How they made it to the final

By making informed and thoughtful decisions, both teams saw their way to the final. This paid off as they were competing to raise the most equity after a longer period of time balancing their margins. Great work by both teams! 

Congratulations to both teams from St Olav and KVS Lyngdal with this achievement! We’re looking forward to seeing you both online for the final in March. 

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Their reaction to the business simulation competition

We reached out to the finalists and asked them about their experience with the Hubro Championship and the use of business simulations. 

The girls from KVS Lyngen made their way to the final in Hubro Marketing, and had this to say about their experience with the Hubro Championship. 

We thought it was a fun and great learning experience. Our strategy was to plan long-term, and make sure our cost levels weren't too high.

We learned how to manage a company from a marketing perspective, how to hire new employees and develop new products. We also learned more from experience about the relationship between income and costs.

We would recommend every other school to take part in the competition. It was very nice to use the Marketing Simulation as a variation to the regular lectures.

Thanks to the team from KVS Lyngdal for sharing! We look forward to seeing you in action with Hubro Marketing in the final.



The team from St. Olav VGS made their way to the final through Hubro Business. They had a lot to say about their experience and strategy from the qualification round. But since we still have the final to go, we won't spoil some of their tactics that will help them in the final as well. They are a serious challenger for the title as the 2021 Hubro Champion! Here is some of what they said. 

Our experience in the Hubro Championship was nothing else than positive, as it enabled a fun and valuable learning experience. It was a challenge both in terms of teamwork and patience, as one only had a few tasks to complete each day and had to fully trust your teammates in their decision making. 

To reach the goal of securing the highest equity, we used a strategy that developed throughout the simulation. During the first quarters, there was not much to do as everyone started off with the standard product. But following the next quarters (rounds) things were getting more complicated, and it increased the need for detailed analysis.

What happened after that, we won't spoil. Their team secrets will help them in the final, which we can tell for sure. Again, congratulations to the team from St. Olav VGS for making it to the final! We’re looking forward to seeing you in March! 


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What happened in the Business Simulation?

It was a close race for the finish in Hubro Business simulation once again. It was a dead race coming to the end of the simulation. As we progressed we could see Flyco and SecRoad getting a small gap from the rest of the group. Flyco managed to adapt to the situation and make changes that would see their equity growth increase much faster than the rest of the companies. This saw them winning the round after putting an informed strategy in place that would help them win this qualification round. 



Focusing on a long term strategy saw both teams fighting until the very end of the simulation. It once again illustrated the importance of having a strategy with a long term steady growth, whilst balancing their margins. 



Congratulations to Flyco and St Olav VGS! And thank you to all the teams participating in the Hubro Business category. 


What happened in the Marketing Simulation? 

The race in the Hubro Marketing simulation was really close all the way through. One could not tell who was going to win in the end, but LET’S JET had the momentum in equity growth going forward and gave a hint of what was to come. And our assumption was not wrong, their momentum gave a lift in the end that saw them secure the win for this qualification round. 



What impressed us with Let’s Jet was their consistent growth rate from the start. As they managed to balance their margins throughout the simulation and maintain consistency. They were able to move beyond some of the competing companies that had a decline in their growth rate coming to the end. 



Congratulations to LET’S JET and KVS Lyngen for making it to the final, this was impressive!


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