Hubro Championship 2020
March 31th - April 1th at Startup Campus

Hubro Championship is our international business simulation competition. Students and teachers from different countries qualify to the finals in Oslo, where they’re treated to a two day all-inclusive event. It will be fun, challenging and educational.

The first day of the event, we’ll hear the exciting stories of accomplished entrepreneurs and business people, part 1 of the final, in addition to many other exciting and social activities. The second day is part 2 of the final, where the teams go head to head in Hubro Education’s business simulations and the winner of Hubro Championship 2020 will be announced.

More details will be published on this page closer to the event.

All high school classes are automatically part of the qualifications! All you need to do is play, and follow the qualification rules below.
Qualification rules

In previous years, the days prior to the qualification deadline have been incredibly exciting. Who will qualify!? Because we love this excitement, we’re now spreading it throughout the year!

How to qualify

There are two high score lists; one list for Hubro Marketing Simulation and one for Hubro Business Simulation. We have also divided the school year into five periods, where two teams will qualify to the Hubro Championship in each period.

The high score lists are reset at the beginning of each period, and the teams at the top of the lists at the end of a period are automatically qualified.

These are the five periods:

1st period: before October 31st
2nd period: November 1st - November 30th
3rd period: December 1th - December 31st
4th period: January 1st - 31st
5th period: February 1st - 28th

For instance, if one of your student groups are at the top of the Hubro Marketing Simulation high score list on September 30th, you’ll get a pleasant invitation on October 1st.

Other rules
High score definition, Business
The high scores for Hubro Business Simulation is the equity of the company in quarter 7 in the simulation
High score definition, Marketing
The high scores for Hubro Marketing Simulation is the equity of the company at the start of quarter 7 in the simulation
One ticket per school
Only one team from each school can qualify to Hubro Championship. If another team from a qualified school gets a higher high score, we suggest sending the team that was originally qualified or arranging an internal school competition.
Passing on tickets
The qualifying spots are won by the school. Thus, if the winning team cannot attend the Hubro Championship final, the school may send another team.
Customers only
Qualifying schools must have a license to the simulation at the time of use. Trial simulations are not valid for qualification.
Active competition
There must be active competition in the qualifying simulations, meaning that there must be at least four active student lead companies throughout the simulations.
Let your school be part of the qualifying round!

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