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Al Khor International is the first school to qualify for the Hubro Championship final. The students amazed us by qualifying for both the Hubro Marketing and Hubro Business simulation. A great achievement from the school who participated in the competition for the first time led by teacher Shaikh Mohammed Adeel.


How they made it to the final of the business simulation competition

The school's solid performance through the 9 quarters saw them advance to the final. They were able to raise the most equity through profits by steadily balancing their margins over the nine weeks. This made them worthy winners of the first qualification round. 

Congratulations! We at Hubro are excited to invite Al Khor International school to the final of our business simulation competition in March.

Do you want your school to compete in the business simulation competition?  Then you can learn more about it here. As I’m writing this, there are still four more qualification rounds that can see your students going to the final. 

Remember that there is no limitation to the number of qualification rounds you can attend if your school has a Hubro license. Get in touch with one of our associates if you want your school to have a Hubro license.  


Their reaction to the business simulation competition

We wanted to know how the students at Al Khor International school had experienced qualifying for the final. So after qualifying for the final the students got back to us.  And what they told us speaks for itself. They had a blast participating in the first qualification round.

Read what they said below. 

I am looking forward to the finals. I am happy and nervous as our team is going to be against the best teams across the globe. I will try my best to cooperate with my team and be positive during the crucial hours of the finals.

Finally, I want to thank the Hubro team for giving us this platform and for making it more engaging and enjoyable. 

Diya Bhatt, student at Al Khor International


It was a great way to understand the marketing mix as it included market analysis, product management and promotion, staff management, price, distribution as well as financing and market research.

I am glad I got the opportunity to take part in this competition. Eagerly waiting for the Final round!

Rashida Naz, student at Al Khor International


Being at home, we got to engage in this global competition from students all over the world. It was a great learning activity with practical experience. I definitely look forward for the finals in 2021!

Divya Jiji, student at Al Khor International


I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to take part in the Hubro competition.

It gave me a good insight into business functioning at a small scale in the form of game. It helped me connect and contest with teams from various countries across the globe giving me the opportunity to understand and learn to make business decisions on a practical level.

I am glad to say that this has enhanced my learning experience and has made me far more interested in the subject. I look forward for the finals in 2021.

Shraya Nambiar, student at Al Khor International


Thank you, all of you for participating in the Hubro Championship. We are excited to host you for the finals in March. And hopefully you all will perform as well in the final as you did during the qualification round 1.

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What happened in the Business Simulation category?

In the Hubro Business simulation category we saw a close competition until the very end where AVENIR made crucial decisions in the last quarter. This saw them winning the qualification round. Congratulations! 

Over the course of nine quarters we could see AVENIR making long term decisions that would have them at 2nd to last place initially. The trend indicated that Zeus Boost would go on and win this round. Coming to the end it was close between Zeus Boost and AVENIR. This was before AVENIR saw a distinct increase in equity compared to Zeus Boost in the end. 

Congratulations to AVENIR! And thank you to all the teams participating in the category for Business Simulations.


What happened in the Marketing Simulation category? 

For the marketing simulation the story was no different from the business simulation. The fight for first place held excitement into the very end. Once again a team from Al Khor International School reserved a seat in the final. Congratulations to Dirana Industries! 

It was a close call with Student4hire who also had a steady growth in equity. Both companies appeared to make thoughtful long term decisions that would see them battle towards the end. 

Coming into the last quarter we could see Student4hire having a last push. If the qualification round consisted of 10 quarters one would potentially see Student4hire taking it. But it was not enough as the qualification rounds are limited to 9 quarters. 

Dirana Industries managed to hold off. In the end there was only 36 000 Dollars separating the two teams. 

Congratulations to Dirana Industries for making their way into the final! 

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