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Hubro Championship

The business simulation world championship for secondary schools

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Challenge your students' business skills, competing against student teams from around the world in Hubro Championship - Hubro Simulations’s global business simulation competition. They will use their skills in topics including management, finance, marketing and operations, and earn the title as the Hubro World Champion!

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This is Hubro Championship

Hubro Championship is a business simulation competition that tests your students’ business skills, but also teamwork and critical thinking - the skills the leaders of tomorrow require. Teams from high schools all around the world compete to see who can run the most successful company in Hubro’s simulations.

20+ countries
125+ schools
1000+ students

There are two competitions in parallel, where teams may compete in one or both competitions.

There are five qualifying periods throughout the academic year. For each qualification period, the most profitable team globally from both Hubro Business and Hubro Marketing will qualify for the final. In the end, 10 teams will have qualified for the final in March 2022. 5 of them will compete in Hubro Business and the remaining 5 in Hubro Marketing.

Qualifying round 1

1st September - 30th September

Qualifying round 2

1st October - 15th November

Qualifying round 3

16th November - 31st December

Qualifying round 4

1st January - 31st January

Qualifying round 5

1st February - 28th February


13th March - 24th March

How do you sign-up your students?

  1. Your school needs a Hubro license to take part in the championship, where you as a teacher would control the simulation during the qualification periods. If you already have license, you’re automatically enrolled in the championship. With a license, your students can get practical and realistic business experience through the entire school year!
  2. You, the teacher, will need to create and run one or more simulations with your students during one or more qualification periods.
  3. The simulation will have to run a minimum of 8 quarters (simulation rounds), without receiving any kind of cash prizes within the simulation game.
  4. The team with the highest equity in quarter 8 at the end of the qualifying round across all competing schools qualifies for the final. If you don’t qualify in one period, you can try again for the next period!

The final will take place online, March 2022

The final will run over two weeks from 13th of March. During the final we will control the simulation from Oslo, Norway. At this stage the finalists will have to play one quarter at a time, each day until the last day on the 24th of March when Hubro World Champions will be announced.

Why you should join

Curriculum relevant for business and marketing

Engage your students in a global simulation competition

Develop your students’ teamwork and problem-solving skills

Championship rules

Schools in more than 20 countries on 5 continents use Hubro’s simulations in their teaching. As a result we have completely changed the rules of the Hubro Championship, and have made it an online competition that schools anywhere in the world can join.

Only one finalist per school

Only one team from each school may qualify for the final. If several teams from the same school win different rounds, the school will decide which team to send to the final.

The seat in the final belongs to the school.

If a team that was qualified cannot participate in the final, they forfeit their place. The place is then given to the next school on the list from their qualifying round.

Max 3 students per team.

Each team can have up to three students per team.

The simulation can’t have money prizes.

You can not incentivise your teams with cash throughout the qualification.

We don’t have a license - how can we attend?

Get in touch with one of our representatives so we can have a closer look at having your school on board as a participant. You can do so here!


Hubro Championship started back in 2017 to engage schools in a business management competition. High Schools from all over Norway qualified, and joined us in Oslo for the finals. Since then the championship has evolved, and students from all over the world have competed against each other.

From 2021, we’re going digital.

We want to invite high schools from all over the globe to compete against each other for the title of Global Hubro Champion. Will it be your school?

We’ll see you online, for the Hubro Championship 2022!

Prior champions


Will you be the global champion?

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Champions 2022
Champions 2021

No champion, due to Covid-19

Champions 2020

Molde High School, Norway

Champions 2019

Hadeland High School, Norway

Champions 2018

Lena Valle High School, Norway

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