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Business Simulations are a great tool for creating engaging cross-curricular teaching. They are not limited to business subjects. We collaborate with OneSchool Europe in a cross curricular project that is successful for both students and teachers using business simulations. In this article you can learn more about our collaboration and how they work!

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Cross-curricular teaching with OneSchool

Cross-curricular teaching  allows students to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning and why. Interlinking subject matter means that the students can apply what they’re learning in Maths and English to their Business course. 

OneSchool’s vision is to create life-ready learners using technology and collaborative learning environments to achieve this. This is why they chose a business simulation as the cornerstone for this project.

The Head of OneSchool Europe, Gordon Poad, believes that cross-curricular teaching is the way to achieve this vision.

Problem solving skills come from all subjects, not just one subject. If we are working on a project, it is about bringing disciplines, skills and competencies into solving the problem.


Why Hubro Simulations?

Gordon and teachers from different subject areas agreed that using a business simulation could become the common third to connect their cross-curricular programme. Again, the emphasis at OneSchool to incorporate leading technology helped this decision. 

Hubro Business simulations were the ideal platform in OneSchools’ case. It enabled flexibility, user friendliness and customization for the teachers. 

At Hubro we always encourage deeper learning. Our business simulations are a tool to explore and apply theories. This is particularly helpful when teaching cross-curricular. 

Hubro was used in this case to bring together Business Studies, French, English and ICT.  Students had to use their in-simulation business to solve the problems and tasks set by their teachers in each subject. This was possible by using the Business simulation as a base case.


How it works

Hubro simulations allow teachers to add content and exercises directly into the simulation. This made it easy for the teachers to collaborate and contribute their exercises and assessments into the simulation, and embed their different learning goals.

For example the students created digital advertisements for their ICT and English course. They created different podcasts, posters and video commercials. 

Here you can see some examples of what the students made.






In Business they also focused on the financial tasks within the simulation. Creating budgets, looking at cash flow and balance sheets within their business reports. The decisions they made here were of course echoing what is being learned in English, particularly in terms of terminology. 

The business simulation was used as the common third. It helped the students see the impact of their business decisions from different perspectives, and also understand how what they learn in these different subjects will help them when they leave school. 

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Thoughts from the teachers and students

When asked about cross-curricular learning with Hubro Simulations, a student said:

When we do our work experience, it's not the same. We don't have to control all this stuff. You have to make your own decisions, like it's something that you cannot learn anywhere else.

The teachers who use Hubro for cross-curricular teaching also believe it’s very beneficial. 

“To show them that what they're doing at school is linked to what they're doing in a company and that it's not separate. We want to develop skills that they will be using their whole life. 

And one of them is making decisions, which is just the best on Hubro because it is a lot about taking decisions”


Setting students up for success

Hubro Business Simulations are now implemented across all 11 OneSchool Europe campuses. All of them are using Hubro for cross-curricular teaching to shape life-ready learners.

Investing in learning tools that can be applied to multiple subjects is valuable both educationally and financially. Introduce Hubro into your classes to create engaging cross-curricular learning experiences for your students.


Click here to read the case study

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