Use case
Financial accounting brought to life with Hubro Business Simulation
To make financial accounting more tangible and engaging, Trondheim Business School make use of Hubro Business Simulation. Learn how here.
Tue 30 Jul 2019
Use case
How UiS teach management accounting with a simulation bootcamp
The University of Stavanger put's their students' knowledge in management accounting to the test with a one day simulation bootcamp. The student feedback is jaw dropping.
Wed 17 Jul 2019
Use case
How Kristianstad University develop market plans in Hubro Marketing Simulation
Kristianstad University in Southern Sweden has one of our most comprehensive use cases of Hubro Marketing. Learn how they've made it a cornerstone of their marketing course here.
Sun 05 May 2019
Teaching tips
3 innovative teaching tips from the Marketing Educators' Association
We visited MEA's annual conference. These are some of the most interesting new teaching elements presented at the conference.
Sun 05 May 2019
Use case
How Avans kicked of the semester with Hubro Business Simulation
Games are a great way to refresh the students' knowledge after the summer break. Here's how Avans in Holland set up their fall semester kick-off with Hubro Business Simulation.
Thu 07 Feb 2019
Conference summary
The state of tech in higher education summed up in 4 quotes from OEB
What did we learn from Europe's largest tech-in-higher-education conference? These quotes pretty much sum up the agenda.
Tue 18 Dec 2018
Case-based teaching
Company-based courses: from a company case to theory
Uppsala University have flipped how they teach industrial management. First they show how their case company work with a topic, before they go into theory.
Sun 02 Dec 2018
Use case
How NHH applies Hubro's simulation in their Marketing course
The 400 students that tried Hubro Marketing Simulation at Norwegian School of Economics had a very clear message to their lecturer: we want more!
Tue 06 Nov 2018
Making time for simulation in an already packed course – a case study
Want to try a simulation in your course, but you just can’t find the time for it in the schedule? You’re not alone, but some schools have found ways overcome this barrier!
Tue 06 Nov 2018
5 highlights for educators from the annual conference of SIEC-ISBE
100 business educators and scholars from 15 countries got together in Reykjavik for this year's SIEC-ISBE conference, the International Society of Business Education, brought. This is what you missed.
Tue 21 Aug 2018
3 reasons we look forward to 2018
Oh wow, next year will be great. Here's why.
Fri 22 Dec 2017
Hubro Marketing Simulation
Oslo University College pilot test Hubro Marketing Simulation
249 students tested Hubro Marketing Simulation. What did the students think? Read more now!
Tue 17 Oct 2017
Teaching budgeting with simulation and role playing
Budgeting is a critical skill for any manager: it’s basically putting numbers to all of a companies actions, and thus it’s a central topic in any basic management accounting course.
Wed 21 Jun 2017


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