Hubro Strategic Marketing
  • 5-15 hours duration with flexible scheduling
  • Short setup time
  • Unlimited participants in one simulation
  • 1-3 participants per team
  • Manage pizza brands
  • Available in English, Norwegian and Swedish
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Hubro Strategic Marketing Simulation

Hubro Strategic Marketing is the perfect way to learn by doing in Marketing Strategy courses. Whether it’s for MBA, graduate or undergraduate programs.

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Was sind die Lehrinhalte?

Hubro Strategic Marketing is our most advanced marketing simulation ever, while still delivering everything that Hubro Education is known for, intuitive design and engaging gameplay that makes for great learning experiences.

Brand Management

Launch and manage several brands to meet different needs of the market - a real challenge in a competitive market environment


Buy and analyse rich reports to understand how the market is developing and to spot market opportunities and threats

Dynamic market environment

Maneuver the company in a market where the customers, competitors and the landscape is constantly changing.


Decide on a set of target segments, and make those customers choose your brand. Use the entire marketing mix to stay competitive.


Every decision impacts the company finances. Track what drives revenue and expenses, and how it impact cash flow and profitability.

21st century skills

Successfully running a business requires critical thinking, communication and teamwork - the same as your students will need in their future workplace.

Empfohlen von Pädagog:innen & Fachleuten

Universitäten, Schulen & Unternehmen auf allen 5 Kontinenten nutzen unsere Business Simulationen, um ihren Student:innen, Schüler:innen & Mitarbeiter:innen praxisnahe Übungsmöglichkeiten zu geben. Unsere Plattform eignet sich sowohl für den physischen als auch digitalen Unterricht.

> 1.000

Universitäten, Schulen & Unternehmen

> 50.000


«Hubro has improved the students’ understanding of the complexities of marketing a great deal. The average grade in the course has increased by an entire grade after we started using Hubro.»
Image of Line Kristoffersen
Line Kristoffersen
Professor of marketing
Oslo Metropolitan University
«We chose Hubro because they really understood our learning needs and how we wanted to achieve them. I could not be more pleased with our collaboration and the outcome that we got from them.»
Image of Nick Miller
Nick Miller
President and Founder
Clarity Advantage Corporation
«The simulation gave me hands-on experience that I couldn’t have gotten in any other way so early in my career.»
Image of Daniel Jedmo
Daniel Jedmo
Jönköping International Business School

Dynamic simulation with limitless possibilities


In Hubro Strategic Marketing, your students take over as the management team in a chain of restaurants. Sales numbers have been dwindling as competition has increased. How will the teams get their companies on track?

The simulation offers many different ways to strategically manage their company. Players can go for an aggressive growth strategy or organic growth, they can target the mass market or niches, and can focus on one brand or diversify with several.

Throughout the simulation, the students have to develop plans and strategies for how to lead their companies in the market. They have to analyze data from market research to understand the market and how it’s developing to make good strategic decisions.

Technische Anforderungen

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Die Simulation erfordert lediglich eine stabile Internetverbindung und einen modernen Webbrowser.

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Die Simulation ist so konzipiert, dass sie auf Desktop-, Handy- und Tablet-Bildschirmen funktioniert.

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