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Picture of Kristian Aaserud & Benjamin Ryan
Kristian Aaserud & Benjamin Ryan
Lærlinger i salgsfaget
Hubro Education

Hi! Kristian and Benjamin here. 

We both attended a vocational school. But you might know this as CTE or BTEC. Currently we work for Hubro Education as sales and marketing trainees and are super happy about having such a relevant job. 

After two years of school we have learned a lot. But we still think there are skills we did not learn at school. Skills we ended up learning after two years at Hubro. The world is constantly evolving and we understand that there is little chance you as a tutor can stay on top of everything. 

That is why we want to help you out and share teaching plans and setups in a series of blogs. This is essential for business or vocational courses and will help your students stay on top of an ever-changing labor market. 


What we do

Our job is a part of our vocational program at high school level. 

The program works like this:

         1. Two years in school learning about business, sales and marketing. 

         2. Two years working in a company and practicing these skills. 

The program results in a test that leads to an examination letter. This makes you a qualified sales representative.

How we ended up working for Hubro.

Hubro Education makes simulations for business and marketing subjects. We let students get a practical understanding of how different concepts work and relate to each other. The games are engaging and keep the students motivated and interested in the subject. 

Initially we used Hubro’s simulations at school where we learned a lot. For us it was game-changing to use game-based learning. We wanted to help spread the word of Hubro and give students around the world the chance to learn this way. This is when we got the chance to work as interns in Hubro in our second year in high school. This led to us becoming trainees.

We had never used any sales or marketing tools before starting at Hubro. As it was all new to us this naturally took up a lot of time. In the end we learned the tools to perfection and are now helping Hubro grow globally. Today both of us have responsibility for the school market in the Nordics. We have to be honest though. We never expected this when starting our vocational education. 


From the left: Benjamin, Merville and Kristian

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What if we already had an introduction to this in High School? 

We are really thankful for the vocational program and how the teachers gave us a practical understanding of the concepts. Without them we would not be sitting here writing this post. So a big thank you to our teachers at Mailand and Hadeland High School.

Because of this, we want to give something back. That's why we are creating this series of blogs. They will give you examples of how you can make your students more prepared and attractive for modern businesses. We hope these blog posts will be a good resource for you and your students. 

Stay tuned! 


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