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Emil Johan Oliver
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In this difficult time when schools are forced to offer distance learning, we want to help schools offer quality education. Hubro Education's simulation games are ideal for distance learning in business subjects. Schools affected by Covid-19 may trial our simulations for free.

What do we offer?

We offer two different simulations, Hubro Marketing and Hubro Business. In sum, they cover a very large part of the business studies curriculum.

Hubro Business is our flagship simulation and covers a wide range of topics in business studies curricula including accounting, budgeting, finance, investments, production and much more. For a more detailed walkthrough, please watch this video demo.

Hubro Marketing focuses on the fundamentals of marketing management, including the 4 Ps, segmentation, market strategy, ethics and sustainability, staff management and more. For a more detailed walkthrough, please watch this video demo.











How does it work?

What you as the teacher will do: Monitor student progress, have 1:1 session through video conference, add exercises to the game to test the student's understanding of different concepts. Make your own or add pre-made exercises made by Hubro. 

Option 1: self-paced simulation. The students can play the game at their own pace using the free play option: they can get to know the game and actively work with the terminology. 

Option 2: group exercise. The students play together in groups of 2-3 and cooperate on solving the tasks in the game.

Option 3: combine the two! Let students get familiarized with the game individually, then set up a competition, where they play against each other in groups of 2-3.

How would you get started?

We set up a quick meeting (30 minutes) to give you access to the game and training materials. Interested?

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