Business Simulation for corporate training

Business simulation games can add significant value to corporate training. Immersive learning simulations help learners really understand the concepts you want them to learn, and helps them retain that knowledge.

Hubro Education offers off-the-shelf business simulations for training in corporations, or can develop bespoke simulations for your specific learning needs.

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Quality bespoke simulations delivered to clients

Bespoke: business simulation tailored to your needs

Get a simulation tailored to your industry, learning goals and needs. Whether it’s for classroom use, distance learning or a self-paced activity, we can set up simulations that fit your learning and development needs. A custom simulation includes:

  • Scenarios tailored to your learning goals and use cases
  • Your company’s branding and domain
  • A great Hubro user experience for both trainers and learners
  • Certification for trainers

How we develop bespoke simulations

We build your custom simulation on the Hubro Simulation Platform. With its tried and tested foundation, content management opportunities and intuitive user interface, it is an ideal starting point for developing bespoke simulations.

Our project manager will work closely with you to understand the learning goals and the context of your industry. Our development team will then collaborate closely with your experts to design a learner journey that has them engage with our defined learning goals. We then combine our competence in learning science and game development to develop simulations that are user friendly, engaging, memorable and fun!

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You get what you ask for

Testimonial: Custom simulation for training in banks

Clarity Advantage helps commercial banks attract and develop more profitable relationships. Together, Hubro and Clarity have developed an online business simulation that gives bank employees a great understanding of how money flows through a company and how that creates a demand for the banks’ different services.

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Quality bespoke simulations delivered to clients
«We’ve been very happy with the simulation we developed with Hubro Education. The participants’ response has been very positive.

What made us choose Hubro was our conversations with the Hubro team. They were very responsive and really listened and understood what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. I could not be more pleased with our collaboration and the outcome that we got from them.»
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Nick Miller
President and founder

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