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Empfohlen von Pädagog:innen & Fachleuten

Universitäten, Schulen & Unternehmen auf allen 5 Kontinenten nutzen unsere Business Simulationen, um ihren Student:innen, Schüler:innen & Mitarbeiter:innen praxisnahe Übungsmöglichkeiten zu geben. Unsere Plattform eignet sich sowohl für den physischen als auch digitalen Unterricht.

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Universitäten, Schulen & Unternehmen

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«Hubro has improved the students’ understanding of the complexities of marketing a great deal. The average grade in the course has increased by an entire grade after we started using Hubro.»
Image of Line Kristoffersen
Line Kristoffersen
Professor of marketing
Oslo Metropolitan University
«We chose Hubro because they really understood our learning needs and how we wanted to achieve them. I could not be more pleased with our collaboration and the outcome that we got from them.»
Image of Nick Miller
Nick Miller
President and Founder
Clarity Advantage Corporation
«The simulation gave me hands-on experience that I couldn’t have gotten in any other way so early in my career.»
Image of Daniel Jedmo
Daniel Jedmo
Jönköping International Business School