How does it work?

Let's take a look at how easy it is to get started with Hubro Education’s simulations.

The 4 easy steps to run a simulation


Step 1: Planning

Planning and setup

Learn how to use the simulation quickly and easily with our online mini-course. Then set up a simulation that’s just right for your course.

You can add a schedule, exercises, market events or other content. If you have questions, one of our friendly associates will help you or even assist you with the setup.


Step 2: Enroll

Enroll students and form groups

Before you start, simply show your students the introduction video and share the registration link.

By following the link, the students can register and organize into teams, and are then taken to the simulation. Our intuitive design and student tutorials teaches the students how to use the simulation in no time.


Step 3: Run

Run the simulation

The simulation moves forward with the click of a button, or automatically if you’ve set up a schedule. You can leave the students to work on their own, or you can answer questions, facilitate discussions, and help connect the students’ experiences with theory and the real world.

Instructors get several tools to help you add to the students learning experience, like the “attention” button that freezes all the students’ screens - a super effective way to get your students complete attention.


Step 4: Review

Recap, review, reflect

Much of the learning happens after the simulation has ended. After finishing, students should reflect on what decisions they made, why they made them, and what they would have done differently.

Through a lecture, group discussions or on their own, they should make sense of their new experiences - there are many lessons to be learned!

Great features for better learning

There are many smart features that work across all our simulations.

Instructor user image

Complete control with the instructor user

You have complete control and insight through your instructor user.

See how your students are performing on the high score list, assess exercises, see who’s struggling, freeze your students screens to get their attention, and much more.

Students focusing image

Focus on learning goals with content

Meet the learning goals that matter in your course by adding exercises, cases, market events and other content from our library. For instance, you can introduce taxes or change market demand.

You can also make and add your own exercises! Our assessment tool gives you an instant overview of how each student and the class as a whole has performed.

Laughing teachers image

Support and training - we’ve got your back

Adding new elements to a course can feel risky, but it should never feel risky to use our business simulations. If you’re new to Hubro, our online training module has you primed and ready in just a few hours.

We help you plan and set up a simulation that’s tailored for your course. If you need help, we’re always available by phone, chat and email.

Configuration image

Configure to any course

One size never fits all, which is why we offer many configuration options when you set up a simulation. If you want your students to work with the simulation on their own, turn on single player mode.

If you want the simulation to progress at specific times, add an automatic schedule. If you have a specific need, we’re happy to help you find the right configurations for your course.

Let's find the perfect simulation for your course

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Unsere Online Business Simulationen

Wählen Sie eines unserer Unternehmensplanspiele und passen Sie es an Ihre Lernziele und ihren Zeitplan an.

Logo for Hubro Business

Business Simulation

Führen Sie mit ihrem Team ein Produktionsunternehmen im direkten Wettbewerb mit anderen Teams. Sie verwalten Produktion, Investitionen, Preisgestaltung und Finanzierung eines virtuellen Unternehmens, um praktische Erfahrungen zu sammeln.


  • Entscheidungsfindung
  • Produktberechnungen
  • Buchführung und Budgetierung
  • Investitionen
  • Und mehr...
Zur Business Simulation
Marketing Simulation

Marketing Simulation

Analysieren Sie die Marktsegmente, entwickeln Sie Ihren Marketing-Mix und stellen Sie ein Produkt her, das den Bedürfnissen der Kunden entspricht. Sie stehen im direkten Wettbewerb um Marktanteile mit anderen Unternehmen.


  • Segmentierung
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marktstrategie
  • Marktanalyse
  • Und mehr...
Zur Marketing Simulation
Finanz Simulation

Finanz Simulation

Finden Sie die beste Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für Investitionen, treffen Sie effektive, langfristige Entscheidungen und steigern Sie den Unternehmenswert und den Shareholder Value.


  • Investitionen
  • Bewertungen
  • Finanzierung
  • Kapitalstruktur
  • Und mehr...
Zur Finanz Simulation
Logo for Hubro Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing Simulation

Develop your own restaurant brands, and launch them into the market according to your strategy. Choose where and how to promote your brands to appeal most effectively to your target segments.


  • Strategic thinking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand management
  • Und mehr...
See Strategic Marketing
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Maßgeschneiderte Simulationen

Zusätzlich zu unseren Standardprodukten erstellen wir maßgeschneiderte Simulationen, die genau Ihren Bedürfnissen entsprechen. Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, wir beraten Sie gerne zu Ihren konkreten Anforderungen.

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