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The students love it, and it’s much easier to learn when you like what you’re doing. Kudos to Hubro Education for giving us a unique way for students to apply their knowledge in a realistic setting.

The case method is great for learning, and Hubro let’s the students live out the cases. They can apply theory, make decisions, and see the consequences. It’s very close to what they’d get in a real business.

The simulation helps me do so many of the things I strive for as a teacher: to motivate and inspire, vary, concretize, activate and collaborate.

After the experience of playing the marketing simulation the students were able to use their knowledge and understanding to improve their test results. The students were able to provide much more realistic and considered suggestions in the business cases they were asked to analyse.

There were clear signs of engagement and enjoyment with the process and the content. One of our students from the first cohort, a lawyer, mentioned to me in a telephone call that it ‘was the most fun she had doing an assessment—EVER!’


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