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The Hubro Conference 2020

About the event

We repeat last year's success and invite all the country's economics, marketing and entrepreneurship teachers to the Hubro Conference 2020. One of last year's participants said so well:

This year we invite you to two days of professional refills, inspiration, sharing experiences and socializing. We fill the program with people from the business community, researchers and educators, who share their insights into business development and how this affects our subjects and teaching. In addition, teachers will present their own innovative and engaging teaching programs. The conference will be held in Norwegian.

Image from the Hubro Conference

"A very good start to something that hopefully becomes a tradition"


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Our Speakers

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You can participate in all, or parts of the program, which consists of

Conference day 1

NOK 690
per person

Conference day 2

NOK 690
per person

Conference day 3

NOK 590
per person


Oslo, Christian Kroghs
Gate 1, 0186 Oslo, Norway